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Quality Control

Many quality problems begin at the production sources. Random final inspections do not minimize the problems and delays in delivery for our customers. CHARTLINK provides you a Supplier Production Surveillance format to collaborate with your Supplier manufacturing processes.

Aside from process auditing, our SQE can,

  • maintain technical surveillance of work-in-progress.
  • identify defective parts and assemblies and sources of supply
  • monitor the interchangeability and substitution of components
  • correlate the interrelated modifications of assemblies and parts
  • evaluate the tolerances checks and production cycles.

Suppliers are not obligated to provide production problems to customers. Customers’ awareness of production problems provides checks and balances on production and delivery delays.

CHARTLINK China can make a difference between 'knowing now' what is happening with your production and 'unexpected surprises'.

Find out more on what our Customers wants out of Quality Control in China for China suppliers.